Iroquois Agility Training: Unleash Your Dog's Potential!

Courses and Gear for Your Dog

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Discover Your TRUE Potential
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All Breeds & All Ages Welcome

From sprightly pups to wise seniors, we welcome every dog, regardless of breed, age, or previous experience. Agility knows no bounds, and neither do we.

Our dedicated trainers are skilled in tailoring agility programs to suit you and your dog’s unique abilities and aspirations. We take pride in creating an inclusive environment where all can thrive.

Agility Jumps
All Dogs Welcome
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Training for You and Your Dog

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of discovery with your furry companion? At Out Back Agility, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Our mission is simple: to help dogs and their owners discover their true potential through the exhilarating world of agility training.

Agility Jumps
Kandy Dumm Agility Trainer
Kandy Dumm

Classes For All Levels

Foundations – Basics
Focus basic skills & body mechanics required for a safe, successful and fun adventure.

Beginners – Obstacles
Introduction to various obstacles: Jumps, Tunnels, Weave Poles. The right obstacles for your dog’s age.

Intermediate – Step to the Line
Everything you need for you and your dog to get ready for your first competition.

Advanced – Going Past the Line
Reading the course, finding the optimal lineĀ for your dog, and handling the course for your dog’s strengths.